St. Joseph's Cemetery at Chews Landing is now offering along with our beautiful cemetery a community chapel mausoleum which includes 900 crypt spaces for above-ground entombment. The design includes a chapel where Mass will be offered periodically throughout the year as well as use of the chapel for committal services.


The selection of a final resting place is an investment in "peace of mind" and should be discussed while all members of the family are able to plan together. If you or any members of your family are interested in hearing more about the chapel mausoleum at St. Joseph's Cemetery, please call 856-228-3131.




Father Pawel W. Kryszkiewicz



How can you benefit from selecting crypts at this time?

        Selection in areas of your choice

        Selection made by family members without duress

        Selection made at ones personal convenience

        Prices are at their lowest

        There are no future maintenance charges - just the original price of the crypt and entombment fee.


Features and Benefits of above ground entombment:

        Pricing comparable with ground burial

        Single crypts or companion crypts for 2 are available

        Variable pricing according to location and position of crypt


A payment plan is available with a low down payment and 3 years to pay the balance.

There is no interest charged and no carrying charges.


Pre-need selection can alleviate the need to make such an important decision under times of emotional stress.

Mausoleum entombment is an affordable alternative to ground burial.


For additional information please call 856-228-3131