St Joseph’s Polish Church

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November 2004


To: Parishioners, Former Parishioners, St. Joseph’s High School Alumni, Friends of St. Joseph’s, and Polonia


From: Rev. Pawel Kryszkiewicz, Pastor


I know how concerned many of you have been since the cross on our beloved Church of Saint Joseph's was toppled by wind last December.


The good news is that in August 2003, the state of New Jersey designated our church a historic state site, and we were approved for a matching State Funds Grant from the New Jersey Preservation Trust.


The cost for external repair and restoration of Saint Joseph’s Church totals $908,710. Our parish must raise half of that amount in order to receive the state funds. So our job is a big one!


A church restoration committee has been formed to raise the $454,355 needed and so we are asking each parishioner, to pledge $1000 over a three year period to the Saint Joseph's Restoration Fund. This amounts to less than a dollar a day over the 3 years.


More than a century ago, proud, hardworking Polish immigrants-many of them your parents or grandparents gave thousands of dollars to build such a beautiful Catholic Church at 10th and Liberty Streets in South Camden. Hundreds of baptisms, First Holy Communions, weddings, and funerals have taken place within our church these past hundred-plus years. And each of you has had cherished personal memories of family milestones here at Saint Joseph's. Thus you know how very special this magnificent church has been and continues to be. Our church has served us well. But now the great walls, windows, and towers are in dire need of repair. It is now our time to serve the church well.


Our current parish community is neither rich nor large, but our history of remarkable generosity has been our proud tradition since 1892. Great generosity ,requires great sacrifice.  That is why I am asking you to show that same generous spirit, fierce pride, and great love for Saint Joseph's Church with at least a $1000 commitment over 3 years. Your donation of $1000 or more will be acknowledged on our special Restoration Fund Plaque that will hang in a prominent place in the church.


I am hopeful that your love for Saint Joseph's Church will guide your decision to give as generously as you can to our parish Restoration Fund. Together we will raise the cross on Saint Joseph's Church again.


With Saint Joseph as our patron, may God continue to bless us as we work together for the Greater Honor and Glory of God.


Please use the pledge card link found on the left side frame. Print pledge card page by clicking the right mouse button, choose "select all" in drop down window to highlight text, click right mouse button again, click on "print" ….