The Holy Family of

The Holy Family of

Jesus, Mary & Joseph Sunday

Dec. 30th, 2012

Niedziela Świętej Rodziny

30-ego grudnia 2012






4 PM Raymond R. Adams req. by Betty Blake

          Anthony Bretschneider Anniversary req. by Betty Blake


9:00   Za Dusze Sw. Pamieci Zofii, Jozefa, Marcina, Reginy i Ludwika Ligas oraz Katarzyny i Marcina Hebda, Ks. Franciszka Noworolnika,  i Ks. Michala  Winiarza.

10:30  Frank Kwoka req. by John & Pat Kwoka

          Ryan Coyle req. by Connie Wilke


4:00 p.m. Raymond R. Adams  req. by Wife Anna Mae Adams

JANUARY 1 TUESDAY / WTOREK—Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God

10:30  Georgianna Jedrzejczyk req. by the Parish

          Wladyslawa Bak req. by Joanna & Christopher Bak

          Henrietta M. Krok req. by Mary Judith Krok


9:00   Dolores Webb req. by Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Gooch


9:00   Parishioners and Benefactors


9:00   Living & Deceased Members of Sacred Heart Society


4 PM Parishioners and Benefactors


The Epiphany of the Lord

9:00   Za Jana Wawrzyniaka , rodzine Krawczykow, rodzine Poniatowskich oraz wszystkich zmarlych z rodziny Wawrzyniakow.

10:30  Living & Deceased Memebrs of Rosary Society

          Dolores Pilarczyk req. by Mom and Family


We ask God’s blessing for the strengthening & healing of our sick & homebound. Please pray for:  Helen Kwoka, Christian Clopp, Harry Corn, Kazimiera Olejnik, Eleanor Tureck, Walter Lyskiewicz, Ira & Betty Whittle, Baby John Harshaw III, Ted Balabuch and his Daughter Kristen Balabuch, Helen Gardygajlo, Kathy Dominik, Irene Talarowski, Jeanette Dudek.


Please pray  for the Deceased & their Families: Genevieve Hajduk, Daniel Ciechanowski, Helen Nichols, Joseph Gorski, Ronald Banasiak, T. Soltys, Frank Kwoka, Christos Kolioutas, Blanche Vogt, Jeannette S. “Jean” Palsczewski, Dolores Webb, Barbara H. Thomas.


Sanctuary Lamp in memory of Barbara Thomas req. by Pauline Thomas




In 1989, Monsignor Edward Bucia commissioned a highly original animated Christmas display which illustrates parts of Polish history. It is one of only four such wooden displays in the world, the other three being in Poland. Large enough to fill half a room, it consists of a procession of historical figures which are connected to a moving track. Kings, musicians, mountaineers, and shepherds glide by  the Christ in His manger, and each traveler salutes Him in a different manner: by raising a sword, tipping a hat, blowing a whistle, or beating a drum. Please stop by the Nativity Room, located on the main floor of the school building. Go to the last room on the left to see this beautiful Christmas display.


If you are ill and wish to be added to the  sick list please call the rectory.





1. On New Year’s Day Tuesday, Jan 1st, 2013 there is no 9 o’clock Mass.

2. W Nowy Rok czyli 1-ego stycznia 2013 nie odbedzie sie Msza Sw. o godz. 9-ej.

3. We have a few 120th anniversary ad books left.  If someone would like an additional one they are available for a donation of $10. Please contact the rectory for details.

4. Mamy do rozprowadzenia pare publikacji, ktore zostaly z obchodow 120-lecia zalozenia parafii. Sa one dostepne w kwocie $10. Zainteresowane osoby prosimy o kontakt z domem parafialnym.

5. Wafer Luncheon (Kolacja Oplatkowa) is going to be held on Jan. 6th after 10:30 Mass.

6. Kolacja Oplatkowa odbedzie sie w dniu 6-ego stycznia po Mszy Sw. o godz. 10:30.

7. Parish Breakfast—The next parish breakfast is scheduled  for Jan. 20 after Masses.

8. Sniadanie parafialne—Nastepne planowane sniadanie odbedzie sie w dniu 20-ego stycznia po Mszach Sw. 

9. Parish Council is meeting on Jan. 3rd at 7 pm.

10. Rada Parafialna kosciola spotyka sie 3-ego stycznia o godz. 19.00.

11. On First Friday, Jan 4th, 2013 we will be reciting the Sacred Heart Litany after Mass at 9:00 with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

12. W Pierwszy Piatek  miesiaca czyli 4-ego stycznia 2013 nastapi  wystawienie Najswietszego Sakramentu oraz odmowienie Litanii do Najswietszego Serca Jezusowego.

13. The rosary will be said before 10:30 Mass on Jan 6th.

14.  W dniu 6-ego stycznia zostanie odmowiony rozaniec przed Msza Sw. o godz. 10:30.


Do you want to share your journey of faith?

A diocesan evangelization workshop called “Disciples called to Witnesses” will be held Thursday, January 10, 2013 at Holy Family Parish in Sewell. John and Therese Boucher from the Diocese of Trenton will be the guest speakers. This training will focus on the USCCB document for the New Evangelization, including the following topics: practical skills for sharing faith in Jesus with others in everyday life and parish ministry; how to seek the power of the Holy Spirit to be Christ’s witnesses; how to proclaim the Good News and invite inactive Catholics back to the Lord’s Table. Contact Andres Arango at or call 856 583-6170 to register. There is no charge and refreshments will be served.


The Holy Family

          Every parent knows the trials of raising children. There is the wonder of watching someone grow and learn and discover new things. There is satisfaction as a child takes to heart the morals and values that a parent seeks to share. There is sadness, and even grief, when some difficult problem or illness besets a son or daughter. There may even be anger or despair if, as a child grows, he or she rejects what a parent holds dear. Needless to say, family life is complicated, never perfect, sometimes full of joy, sometimes crowded with pain. Today's Gospel gives a hint that the life of the Holy Family was not always the perfect example we might imagine. Trials and struggles were a part of their life too. As the Gospel story relates today, Jesus basically skipped out on Mary and Joseph, not an unusual practice for an adolescent. But also not the kind of thing we would typically associate with a well-behaved teenager. In other words, the Holy Family is exhibiting the traits and behaviors that are part of the dynamic of ordinary family life.


          And that is good! It serves as a reminder to all of us that their example is that of a family not so different from our own. On this feast the church lifts up the Holy Family for us to imitate. The prayer for the day asks God to help us be like them "in practicing the virtues of family life and in the bonds of charity." No matter the structure of our family household, we are called to put into practice the eternal love of God, first revealed in the mystery of the family of the Trinity, and then lived out concretely in human life in the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. It is the bond of charity that holds any family together, a love that penetrates deep into our souls and abides in our hearts no matter the joys or sorrows that life brings. ©2012 Liturgical Publications Inc


If you would like to receive a Holy Communion at home or hospital call Father Pawel at any time.

Jezeli ktos pragnie otrzymac sakrament Komunii Swietej w domu lub szpitalu prosimy dzwonic do domu parafialnego o  kazdej porze dnia i nocy.




 This week in Focus

We can help create holiness

 SUNDAY DECEMBER 30, 2012         

Family life (whether lived in a marriage or in a chosen community) is never perfect. Often there is worry and suffering. But we can help create holiness in our life together by adopting practices of shared respect, forgiveness, love, and caring. We can learn about being a holy family from today's gospel. For example, Mary and Joseph do not seem to blame each other when Jesus is left behind in Jerusalem. Together they take responsibility, return, and search for their young son. Surely an important aspect of a holy family is the respect Jesus' parents show each other and Jesus. Imagine how frantic Mary and Joseph must have felt. Yet, when they find Jesus, they are not harsh. They simply tell him they are not pleased and that they have certain expectations of him.


As for Jesus, what he did made sense to him: in Judaism, at age 12 a boy assumes responsibility for his faith and in this regard becomes an adult. Jesus was like many young people at puberty. In the excitement of this move toward adulthood, they forget about the need to communicate with their parents, and yet they are not fully equipped for adult life. Jesus, fully human, was entering the transition years familiar to parents of teenagers. Knowing he is well-loved, he willingly returns home to continue growing toward the fulfillment of his vocation.


 By: Beth porter   LIVING  WITH  CHRIST