Nov. 18th, 2012

18-ego listopada, 2012 






4 PM Mary & David Hughes req. by the Bryant Family

          Blanch Kopczynska req. by Dr. Anthony Kidawa


9:00   Eugenia Charko req. by Maria & Eugeniusz

10:30  Helen Nichols req. by Sacred Heart Society

          Konstancja Przeradzki req. by Connie Wilke


9:00   No morning Mass


9:00   No morning Mass


9:00   All Souls


9:00   Parishioners & Benefactors


9:00   Stella & Anthony Kaminski req. by Son, Richard

          Helen Adamski Anniversary req. by Rita Kaiser


4 PM Pearl Kowalczyk req. by Betty Blake

          Christos Anthony Kolioutas req. by Dannelle & Robert Wisniewski


9:00   Za Zmarlego Rejmunda Zelazko na prosbe Anny i Czeslawa Treli

10:30  William & Helen Uecker req. by John Uecker

          Joseph Gorski req. by Pat & John Kwoka


Sanctuary Lamp in memory of Mary & David Hughes req. by the Bryant Family


If you are ill and wish to be added to the sick list please call the rectory.


We ask God’s blessing for the strengthening & healing of our sick & homebound. Please pray for:  Helen Kwoka, Christian Clopp, Michelle Zaremba, Harry Corn, Kazimiera Olejnik, Eleanor Tureck, Walter Lyskiewicz, Ira & Betty Whittle, Baby John Harshaw III, Ted Balabuch and his Daughter Kristen Balabuch, Helen Gardygajlo, Kathy Dominik, Irene Talarowski, Jeanette Dudek, Richard Jaskiewicz


Please pray  for the Deceased & their Families: Genevieve Hajduk, Daniel Ciechanowski, Helen Nichols, Joseph Gorski, Ronald Banasiak, T. Soltys, Frank Kwoka,Christos Kolioutas, Blanche Vogt, Barbara H.Thomas.



Saint Joseph's History Society is offering Christmas cards with a photograph of the beautifully decorated altar for sending holiday wishes. The cards are priced at $3.00 each and are available after 10:30 Mass on Sunday. Proceeds will be used for preservation and restoration activities of St. Joseph's Church. Thank you for your support.


 From Scripture

John 18:33

Jesus testifies to the truth

This gospel tells of Pilate’s questioning of Jesus at his trial. He had been handed over to the Romans by the Jewish leaders, to be put to death since he had claimed to be the Messiah. If Christ were a worldly king he would be a threat to the Roman emperor, something Pilate couldn’t allow. So Pilate was trying to find out just who Jesus was. Christ said that while he is a king, his kingdom is not of this world. Instead, Jesus came into the world to testify to the “truth.” That is, to testify to the Father, to bring the good news of salvation to all humanity. That’s the only purpose of his existence. Pilate was skeptical of Jesus and his being a king. The apostles and Christ’s other followers, on the other hand, looked upon him with eyes of faith and trust. As Peter had said, “Lord, to whom should we go? You have the words of eternal life.” That is the essence of the choice each  of us must make. Is Jesus our king or not?


Does the Holy Spirit really give us gifts?

Absolutely. Every Catholic who has been Confirmed receives seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. They are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. “They belong in their fullness to Christ, Son of David. They complete and perfect the virtues of those who receive them. They make the faithful docile in readily obeying divine inspirations.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1831) Wisdom enables one to know the purpose and plan of God. Understanding refers to “a spiritual understanding of the Word of God to those who read or hear it, according to the disposition of their hearts.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1101) Counsel removes whatever might hinder the development of charity. Fortitude ensures firmness in difficulties and constancy in doing the good. Knowledge is our ability to know truth, to know God and Christ, to know good and evil. Piety refers to the religious sense of people and its expression in popular devotions. And Fear of the Lord ensures our awe and reverence before God.


Anniversary Pewter Ornament


Saint Joseph’s History Society of South Camden proudly offers a 120th Anniversary pewter ornament for only $20. Ornaments can be purchased in church following the 10:30 AM Mass each Sunday.



Polish Christmas Traditions Holiday Workshop

St. Joseph's Sacred Heart Society is holding a Polish Christmas Traditions Holiday Workshop on Sunday, December 2, 2012 from 12-3 p.m. in the lower Parish Hall. Learn about treasured Polish customs and participate with hands-on making of "folk-style" ornaments. Bring your family, friends, children, and grandchildren. Refreshments will be served and there will be a special visit from Saint Nicholas. Space is limited so make your reservation by calling Barbara at 609-332-4825 for this event.



1. Holiday Shopping Spree Raffle—The drawing for the Holiday Shopping Spree raffle will be held on Sunday Nov. 18 in the Senior Center after 10:30 Mass.

2. The Sacred Heart Society is holding a meeting this Sunday after the 10:30 a.m. Mass.

3. The Rosary Society is sponsoring a Babka Sale beginning on Sunday, November 4. Order forms are available at the doors of the church. For more information, call Pat at 856-310-1783.

4. Kolo Rozancowe sponsoruje bozonarodzeniowa sprzedaz babek. Formularze z zamowieniami sa dostepne przy drzwiach kosciola. Po wiecej informacji prosimy dzwonic do Pat Kwoka pod numer telefonu:  856-310-1783.

5. The Auxiliary of St. Mary’s Catholic Homes in Cherry Hill, NJ, is looking to expand its membership. The Auxiliary meets on the third Tuesday of each month, September through May for short meeting and luncheon. It is the goal and purpose of the Auxiliary to raise funds to be used for the comfort and entertainment of those who reside in the Nursing Home & Manor. It is a truly rewarding experience! Won’t you join us? Contact Anne Kennedy at 856-663-3716.

6. This week the Diocese is taking up a collection for Human Development.




From The Webmasters Desk


St. Joseph’s South Camden N.J. 120 Year Anniversary Mass On YOUTUBE


St. Joseph’s South Camden N.J.120 Year Anniversary - Pre-Mass


 St. Lucia choir under the direction of organist Grant Wilinski sing Adoramus Te and Bogurodzica Dziewica - Mother of God.  It is the oldest Polish hymn composed somewhere  between  the 10th and 13th centuries.


Polish knights sang it as an anthem before the Battle of Grunwald and during the battle with the Turkish army at Varna in 1444. Bogurodzica also accompanied the coronation ceremonies of the first Jagiellonian kings.


Welcome remarks in English by Marissa Wisniewski and Grazyna Allen in Polish.


Processional Hymn Praise Ye The Lord




During the communion the St. Lucia Choir sang Panis Angelicus and Serce Jezusa -- Heart of Jesus. During the meditation Kaitlyn Plocharski sang Bach-Gounod's Ave Maria.



Closing remarks by Bishop Joseph A. Galante


Most Rev. Joseph A. Galante was appointed Bishop of the Diocese of Camden by Pope John Paul II, on March 23, 2004. Bishop Galante served as Coadjutor Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas.


He was Bishop of the Diocese of Beaumont, TX (1994-1999).

In 1992 he was named Titular Bishop of Equilium and Auxiliary of San Antonio.


He holds a Doctorate in Canon Law (1968, Lateran University, Rome) and a Master of Arts in Spiritual Theology (1991, University of St. Thomas, Angelicum, Rome).

In Celebration of the 120th Anniversary of Saint Josephs Church 

A video celebration of the radiant beauty of the architecture and the spirit of Saint Joseph's Church, founded by Polish immigrants seeking religious freedom and the promise of opportunity in nineteenth-century America. The magnificent church is a reflection of the deep faith, dedication and hard work of the many thousands who have worshipped in this sacred space since the founding day of the parish on October 24, 1892.