Pictures of the Whitman Park section of Camden.Click on thumbnail photo to view full size image. Click on back to return.

What was once the Mt. Ephraim Meat Market is now Mendez Food Market. The old Planetree (100+yrs.) growing on the right at Morton St. is no longer there.
Mt Ephraim Ave. looking east at Morton St. The Ave. was the main commercial shopping area in Whitman Park. The Banasz store was the original site of the P.A.C.C.
Mt Ephraim Ave. looking west at Morton St. Bakeries, grocery, hardware, furniture, shoe, drug & ice cream stores could be found along the Ave.
Mt Ephraim Ave. looking east at Everett St. The old Liberty movies and Zonie's a.k.a. Ben's a.k.a. Frank's variety store & soda fountain on left.
Former Polish National Catholic Church aka Iron Mike. The PNCC was the result of the first schism within the U.S. Roman Catholic Church.
Former home of P.A.C.C. It was purchased by the Camden Board of Education.
Former High School. The building was converted to senior apartments.
Photos on left top & bottom from Landsdowne Ave. Homeowners are literally living behind bars to protect themselves from the criminal element. Photo on right upper is Rose at Whitman, lower is Whitman at Rose.
Corner Morton and Louis Sts. looking toward Mt. Ephraim Ave. The Polish homeowners took pride in keeping their streets and sidewalks clean. There was no need for city street sweepers to come through.
Corner of Rose and Landsdowne Ave. Former location of Wardach's cafe.
10th St. homes built with loans from Kosciuszko Savings and Loan.
Looking toward Mt. Ephraim Ave. near 10th & Mechanic St.
Atlantic Ave. Opposite West Jersey Hospital. These homes were also built with loans from K.S.L.A.
Whitman Ave. Looking toward the Ave. and West Jersey Hospital.
The organist's home.
Homes on Liberty St. #1033 upper right and #1028 lower right are the best kept homes on the block.
#1028 Liberty St. has a well kept back yard typical of the gardens the Polish people tended to.
Whitman Park site of former sandlot basketball court. A good portion of the park is fenced off. A new water tower has been built replacing the old standpipe tower.
Corner of Louis and Thurman Sts.
Corner of Jackson and Louis Sts.
Corner of Landsdowne and Louis Sts.
Corner of Sheridan and Norris. Jack Pawela lived in the house next to the corner. His father was a terrific dartboard player. Jack was a standout baseball player.
Church rectory on Liberty St.