The Milewski family
                            Father- Ignacy, Mother - Zofia
                               Daughters - Jane and Irene
                               Sons - Edmund and Joseph


Ninety-eight years ago an eighteen year old boy left Juocrowa, Russia on the first leg of his journey to the United States. He departed Bremen, Germany on March 12, 1907 sailing on the SS Wurzburg. Seventeen days later, traveling in steerage, he arrived in New York with $6.50 in his pocket and was processed through Ellis Island as an alien on March 29, 1907. His destination upon arrival was Manayunk / Philadelphia, PA.

He rented a room with three other young men in a row home located on Apple St. in Manayunk while working at the Pencoyd Iron-Works. He met Zofia who also lived in Manayunk and worked at the West Manayunk Woolen Mills, B. Schofield & Co.

Papers dated 11/09/1915 lists his address as 824 S. Front , Philadelphia, PA where he worked for a Mr. Toczylowski who owned a grocery store. He learned the butcher trade saved his money and in the early to mid 20's he bought a store in Camden, NJ located at 1548 Mt. Ephraim Ave. on the corner of Morton St. and Mt. Ephraim Ave. He became a member of St. Joseph's Polish Parish, South Camden.

He married Zofia Andraka who bore him four children, two sons and two daughters.

This young man was my father Ignacy Milewski.

The ships manifest lists Juocrowa, Russia as his place of birth. According to papers (A Declaration of Intention) that state that he was born 02/01/1891 in Jaziewo Poland. At that time eastern Poland was under Russian domination.

I have marked the date March 29 (1907) on my calendar and thank God for giving my father the courage and resolve to leave his family and homeland at such a young age to emigrate to the US seeking freedom and opportunity to better himself and provide a better life for his family.