Saturday, October 28/Sobota                                                Thursday, November 2/Czwartek

Vigil                                                                                            All Souls Day

4 PM In honor of St. Jude                                                        8 AM All Souls in Purgatory

Req. by Betty Blake                                                                  Three successive Masses will be celebrated in

Catherine Wojcik Ergood                                                         the Church today

Req. by Annette & Joe Canal                                                

                                                                                           Friday, November 3/Piątek                 

Sunday, October 29/Niedziela                                                St. Martin de Porres            

9 AM Parishioners & Benefactors                                          8 AM Sacred Heart Society

Anastasia & Bronisław Turzanski                                           

Req. by Eugenia Turzanski                                                       Saturday, November 4/Sobota


10:30 AM Helen & Joseph Gabrylewicz                                 4 PM Canal Family

Req. by Ronald & Theresa Pawlowski                                    Req. by Annette & Joe Canal

Smolka Family & Adam T. Tarcelli – Anniv.                          John Pawelek

Req. by Annette & Joe Canal                                                   Req. by Theresa Atkinson


Monday, October 30/Poniedziałek                                          Sunday, November 5/Niedziela

8 AM Katherine Konieczynski                                                  9 AM Parishioners & Benefactors

Req. by Family                                                                             Melonia & Franciszek Lambert

Stanley Pucilowski                                                                      Req. by Marion & Anna Lambert

Req. by Elizabeth Flannery & Son                                            

                                                                                                        10:30 AM Rosary Society

Tuesday, October 31/Wtorek                                                   Stanley Pucilowski

8 AM Stanley Kryza                                                                     Req. by St. Joseph’s Senior Citizens

Req. by Daughter                                                                        

*****************************                                    1:00 PM Mass at St. Joseph’s Cemetery

Vigil of All Saints Day- Holy Day                                           (weather permitting) – In memory of all

5 PM Edward Bak                                                                         Deceased Parishioners & Friends

Req. by Bak Family                                                                       


Wednesday, November 1/ Środa

Solemnity of All Saints – Holy Day                                         SANCTUARY LAMP                              

8 AM Rev. David Adams                                                             In Memory of Leona Ciechanowski

Julian Kalinowski                                                                          Req. by Adele & Joseph Gorski

Req. by Helen Kwoka                                                                       


Pray for our Sick:  Rev. Julian A. Karczewski, Dorothy Kasprzak, John Meksa, Regina Wojtkowiak, Hank Polanski,

Virginia Korkowska, Stanley Dyjak, Dorothy Kifferly, John & Adella Andruszka, Helen Feriola, John Dickenson,

Hedwig Piechowska, Walter Rosowski, Sally Chrostek, Joseph Gorski, Laura Snitkowska.


On Wednesday, November 1st we celebrate the Feast of All Saints.  It is a Holy Day of Obligation.  Our Mass

schedule is as follows:     Tuesday, October 31st -  5 PM       Wednesday, November 1st – 8AM




November  is the Month of the Holy Souls.  None of us needs to be reminded of what we owe to those who have gone

before us in death – our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, relatives and friends.  It is

difficult to imagine what our lives might have been like without their love and their help.  Especially during the month

of November we have the opportunity to repay and to acknowledge their goodness to us by praying for them in a

special way and asking God to reward them for their lives of sacrifice and service.  What better way to remember them

then at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Please use your All Souls Envelopes to remember them by recording their names on them.  Drop them into the

collection basket or bring/mail them to the rectory as soon as possible.  These envelopes will be placed on our Altar

and your loved ones will be remembered in all the Masses during the month of November.  May they rest in the

Eternal Peace of Christ!

                                                                                                        Father Ed Lipinski


This Sunday is the drawing for our 400 Club 50/50 Raffle after our 10:30 AM Mass in the lower

 parish hall.  There are 8 prizes to win and the Grand Prize is $5000.  Everyone is welcome to attend

 the drawing.  Good Luck to All!!


All Souls Cemetery Mass & Procession next Sunday, November 5th – Mass will be held at St. Joseph’s

Cemetery at 1:00 PM (weather permitting).  Procession, recitation of the Rosary and Blessing of the Graves

will take place after the Mass.  Everyone is encouraged to come out!


First Friday – November 3rd – Devotion to the Sacred Heart will begin at 7:45 AM.  The Chaplet of  Divine Mercy

will be recited after Mass.  Please join us for these powerful devotions.


Rosary Society – will recite the Rosary as a group on Sunday, November 5th but there is no meeting.


Sacred Heart Society – will be selling tickets for their “Holiday Shopping Spree Raffle” after all Masses

beginning Saturday, October 7th.  Prizes are $200, $100 and $50 Gift Certificates for the Deptford Mall. 

Tickets will sell for $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. Your usual generous support will be deeply appreciated.


Christmas Cards of St. Joseph’s Church by Gary Settimi will be on sale starting this weekend after all

the Masses in the Church Vestibule.  The cards will be sold in sets of 5 for $5.00 per set and/or individually

for $1.00 each.  All proceeds will benefit the Church Restoration Fund.


Kartki na Boże Narodzenie – w ten weekend rozpoczynamy sprzedaz kartki świątecznych Koscioła

Sw. Józefa ofiarowanych przez Gary Settimi.  Sprzedaż odbywać się będzie po kazdej Mszy Świętej

w kościele.  Kartki sprzedawane będą w zestawach po 5 kart za w cenie $5 za zestaw, jak równiez

pojedynczo w cenie $1 za kartę.  Dochód ze sprzedazy kart świątecznych przeznaczony będzie w

calości na renowacje naszego Kościoła.


St. Joseph’s Restoration Fund Raising Appeal - we have collected $561,537.14 in pledges and cash donations from

758 donors.  Have we received your donation yet?  We need everyone in the parish and those affiliated with our

parish to contribute to our appeal.  Please consider pledging at least $1000 over a 3-year period toward the restoration

of our church.  Your tax deductible donation can be given in your name or “In Memory” of loved ones.  Your positive

response will be acknowledged on a special plaque which will be placed in the church.  Thank you for your financial